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We exist to make our customers' lives easier

We're committed to creating the best solutions for automating the processes associated with accounts payable, accounts receivable, and document management automation – which means that we're continually improving and striving to do better. As a result our products are innovative and meet our customers' challenges.

Be willing to help

Dare to care. Helpful to a fault. We are the neighbor that is always eager to do whatever is necessary. Others focused.

Solve problems in creative ways

Gather data. Explore ideas. Come up with solutions. We must innovate new ways to simplify problems to improve daily work.

Seek new ideas

Never stop learning. We must take personal responsibility for our learning. There are always new skills to learn and techniques for us to adopt. Learning keeps you relevant in our ever-changing world and allows us to contribute meaningfully.

Maintain positive outlook

The way we choose to see and respond to others makes all the difference. We do what it takes and inspire others to do the same.


I’ve found Fidesic to be a flexible and user friendly product, that’s adaptable to our specific needs/requirements. A support staff that’s professional, responsive and easy to work with. I would highly recommend this product to anyone

Robert Penick

Account Payable Specialist Avella Specialty Pharmacy

The Fidesic platform really has been a game changer for us internally in how we communicate and manage expenses.

J.P. Hannan

Chief Financial Officer Cumulus Media Inc.

[Fidesic] seamlessly extend GP functionality for common manual processes, to their hosted solution; adding well thought out and comprehensive automation.

Steve Chapman

Solutions ConsultantRose Business Solutions

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