Accounts Payable Solutions Built Around Dynamics GP

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AP automation, mobile approvals, and payments

A Full Featured cloud AP management system 

built for Dynamics GP

Fidesic is a unique and natural extension of Dynamics GP's Accounts Payable processing. Fidesic AP provides an anytime, anywhere approval workflow for your approvers and accounting staff. Import those invoices directly into GP without any additional data entry and then pick what you want to pay right out of GP. Fidesic AP also offers ACH and Paper Check fulfillment services right out of GP. 

Deep, Seamless Integration into GP

Through a deep integration with Dynamics GP, your Accounts Payable staff are able to import your invoices directly into GP.  You will continue to manage vendor records right within GP and any changes will sync automatically. 

GP Workflow Extended to the Cloud

We've designed Fidesic in a way to work perfectly with a Dynamics GP workflow. Continue to build and post batches like you are used to, but don't worry about any of the manual processes involved.

Extend GP to Non-GP Users

Anyone can be added as an approver within Fidesic AP, no need to have a GP license. 

Fidesic's GP integration gives you access to features no other solutions can offer.

Zero data entry imports, vendor management and ACH payment support. Reduce the cost of approving invoices and processing payments for Dynamics GP.

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Import Approved Invoices into Batches

You can build your daily payables batch just like you're used to and with zero data entry required. GLs, terms, and all other invoice data will be entered automatically.


Robust Workflow

Our workflow system is designed around businesses rules. You can route based on vendor, GL, amount, or any other item contained on the invoice. There is no limit to stages or number of approvers.

Pay Via ACH Or Paper Check

Simply pick the invoices you'd like to pay out of GP, and we'll take care of fulfillment, whether that's via paper check or ACH. Every payment we send will give your vendors the option to opt in for ACH payments.

Sync Vendor Details and GLs Automatically

Through Fidesic's deep integration, you do not have to manage a separate system, simply manage your vendors and GLs in GP as you are used to, and Fidesic will update automatically.


Multi-entity support

Managing a business with multiple locations is difficult. Let us help you streamline your AP processes. Whether your business operates as separate entities or as one, we have the solution you need with direct integration back into GP. We even support Binary Stream's MEM product!

Control User Visibility Using Locations

You are able to assign users to specific locations and GL codes. Users will only see invoices relevent to them.

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