Fidesic Works Directly with QuickBooks and QuickBooks Online

You can take advantage of the Fidesic Electronic Invoice and Payment (EIP) service as an integrated feature of Intuit QuickBooks. There is no need to set up or learn a new process to start sending your invoices electronically and reaping the benefits of Fidesic EIP solutions. Fidesic gives you an accounts payable process for small business that has all the tools and power of an enterprise level solution. 

Import Invoices Directly Into Your QuickBooks System

Once invoices are approved within our system, you can easily import them into QuickBooks without going through an intermediary file. Simply click import, and all invoices will be added with zero data entry required.

Web Based Payment Approval

Payment approvers do NOT need to be users of QuickBooks to approve payments. They can approve from any web connected device.

ACH and Papercheck Fulfillment

Approved payments will go out via ACH or Paper Check automatically. We'll process ACH files directly to your bank and can offer outsourced check fulfillment.


The Fidesic for QuickBooks Module will install directly into your QuickBooks system. No need for complicated flat file exports or other third party software.


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