AP Automation and Electronic Payments for QuickBooks

Fidesic Integrates Directly with QuickBooks Desktop and QuickBooks Online

Fidesic gives you an accounts payable process for businesses that require the tools and power of an enterprise-level solution.


Best data capture for growing businesses utilizing quickbooks desktop or quickbooks online

Robust Data Capture for Growing Businesses

As businesses grow, the amount of incoming invoices becomes more complicated. Fidesic's system requires no manual data entry and simpifies the entire accounts payable process.

Web Based Approval System for Quickbooks

Web Based Approval Workflow

Approvers do not need to be users of Quickbooks to approve invoices and payments! Best of all, approvers can make approvals from anyhere with an internet connection.

How to pay non quickbooks vendors? Use Fidesic's AP automation system where you can pay via ACH or utilize our outsourced paper check fulfillment

ACH and Paper Check Fulfillment

Approved payments will go out via ACH or Papercheck automatically. We'll process ACH files directly to your bank, or if you prefer, Fidesic offers outsourced paper check fulfillment.



Fidesic's quickbook integration offers features and benefits to support businesses outgrowing their current system







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AP Automation designed to enhance your quickbooks accounting workflow.

Robust Workflow

You can route based on vendor, Entity, Location, GL, amount, or any other item contained on the invoice. There is no limit to stages or approvers!

Import batches as you typically would in Quickbooks without manual data entry

Easily Import Invoices into Batches

Build your daily payables batches as you typically would. GLs, terms and all other invoice data will be entered automatically!

view your quickbooks audit trail easily and efficiently with Fidesic's AP automation software.

Complete Audit Trail and History

Maintain all records of invoices, payments, attatched documents, and approvals all through a single, simplified system.

Fidesic offers multi location, multi entity and decentralized accounting support for Quickbooks Online, Quickbooks Desktop

Mutli-Entity Support

Managing a business with multiple locations is difficult. Fidesic provides you the opportunity to add multiple companies into a single setup and easily switch between different entities. 

sync vendors information automatically with fidesic's quickbooks accounts payable automation

Sync Vendor Details and GLs Automatically

Fidesic's seamless integration with Quickbooks means that you do not have to manage an entiely seperate system. Simply manage your vendors, suppliers and GLs as you typically do and Fidesic will update automatically. 

Pay your vendors via ACH or paper check for quickbooks online or quickbooks desktop.

Pay via ACH or Paper Check

Simply pick which invoices you want to pay. We'll help you out with approval and take care of fulfillment. Each payment we send will give your vendors the option to opt in for ACH payments. 







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Renae B.

April 28, 2020
I have enjoyed FIDESIC and all tech support. They really try their best to be efficient and helpful and in my opinion they go over and beyond in doing so. Its much appreciated!!
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Sarah S.

Jan 29, 2021
Fidesic's OCR is some of the best that I have seen. If there is an issue with anything, they are very quick to respond and resolve. They always listen to our needs and are generally able to adjust the system to meet those needs.
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Tierney W.

June 12, 2020
It helps us better track and lock down expenses for our company. We use it for both external A/P and internal reimbursements.
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June 12, 2020
It is very easy to us. Product is user friendly
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User in Health, Wellness and Fitness

Jan 29, 2021
Being able to see all my invoices that are pending payment, paid, and voided. I was able to find $5k of invoices that were not our offices and recoup the funds!
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Jennifer N.

May 5, 2020
I have used the software for over 5 years and the ease of use is what keeps my team happy. The enhanced features are useful and training new employees on the software is very simple.






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