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    Waive Setup Fees Fidesic for Microsoft Dynamics GP
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    Waive Setup Fees Fidesic for Microsoft Dynamics GP

    Zero Setup Fees and Zero Per User Fees for the First 2 Months

    We’re all struggling to adjust in this fast-changing environment. With so many companies rapidly enforcing work from home policies, we know your clients are asking for help through the transition.

    To help you serve your clients, we are temporarily offering all our solutions with zero setup fees and zero per user fees for the first 2 months to new customers. We are prioritizing setting up companies quickly, and have staff on hand ready to help get them up and running as quickly as possible.


    Fidesic Can Assist Your Clients With These Tools

    All Work Natively with GP

    Remote Capture of Invoices

    • We can set up email drop-boxes and FTP locations to deliver invoices
    • Staff can enter invoice data in our web-based portal that will export to GP

    Remote Payment Approval  

    • Customizable workflow based on payment data, or manual routing

    Outsourced Check Fulfillment

    • Upload payments to our portal, and we can print checks on your clients’ behalf.

    Remote Data Capture from Invoices

    • We can set up drop-box email addresses that will support automatic data capture

    Remote ACH Fulfillment

    • We can generate ACH files for payments sent up from GP. After they’ve been approved we can deliver this file directly to the bank.

    Remote Invoice Approval

    • Customizable workflow based on invoice data, or manual routing

    Example Pricing (Special 2-month Pricing):

    • No Setup Cost
    • No Monthly Fee
    • No per User cost
    • Invoice Data Capture $0.79 per document
    • Outsourced Check Fulfillment $1.69 per check

    Contact us if you’ve got a client that you think we can help!

    (517) 708-3830






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