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    Maintaining a Digital Invoice Approval Workflow

    Once you’ve built a digital workflow, it’s easy to assume everything is on autopilot. For the most part, this is true. Once you’ve got an optimally functioning workflow within Fidesic, it should take care of all of your invoice approvals automatically. However, your business will have personnel changes that will require changes to your workflow engine.  The Fidesic AP workflow system is fully editable on the front end of our portal and can be quickly used to make changes. We’ll cover three situations that often come up requiring a workflow modification.

    Type One- Employee Turnover

    This is the most common type of workflow change, and we’ve built our system in a way to easily manage these changes. You simply have replaced one person for another.  Within the site, you’ll want to swap their position in the workflow and move any pending approvals to the new user’s queue. This is best managed through the “delegate list” page and the “replace approval workflow” option. This option allows you to select the replacement staff member and the person they are replacing. From there, you can choose to replace their position in the workflow, as well as move all pending approvals. No need to manually make any changes to the workflow itself.

    Type Two- Vacation

    This option is very similar to the change in personnel scenario above, but we will need to set this change as a temporary one. This is easily configured by setting the date range on the replace delegate workflow.

    Type Three- Change in business logic

    This type of change can also be managed directly from our site. You can add, edit, or remove any rule from our approval workflow engine. You also have the ability to add and remove stages to the workflow allowing a complete change of routing if necessary. If it’s your first time making changes like this, it’d be best to contact our support and have them assist you in the process, but after you become familiar, making these changes becomes quite simple.

    Maintaining an accurate, up-to-date, workflow is the cornerstone of a labor saving approval workflow system. Once you’ve mastered these three types of changes, you can quickly modify our workflow engine to match how your business operates.



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