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Everyone on Support, Everyone Wins

Why In-house Support is Best and How We Do It

At some point, most of us have or will have a bad experience with a support call to a software provider. And odds are if you’re calling for support you’re already having a bad time, so the last thing you need is more frustration. Needless to say, support should be a top priority for every software vendor who cares about their customers. It’s definitely a top priority for us at Fidesic and that’s why we provide in-house support to ensure our customers get the best possible experience. In this post we will look at the benefits of in-house support and how we are able to offer concierge level service through our “Everyone on Support” practices.

Why In-house Support Is Best

Delivering in-house support is key to our service philosophy to ensure we deliver a great experience to our customers. By making in-house support a priority we are able to deliver the following benefits:

  • A person on the other end who knows the system inside and out
  • A person who knows your account
  • No hand-offs through different departments or users
  • Personal contact

What Is Everyone On Support and Why We Do It?

Everyone on Support is just what it sounds like… a company enlists a policy where everyone on staff will take a shift on support on a regular or semi-regular basis, regardless of their role or title. Here are some of the ways everyone on support helps create the best possible support experience for the customer.

  • everyone on support fidesic support help ticket in-house supportThe entire staff maintains a relationship with customers
  • Helps developers become familiar with customers’ real-world needs
  • Customers get help from technical experts
  • People stay fresh and motivated to help others and avoid “support burnout”

Everyone on support, everyone wins--customers, staff and the company.

Of course, we can always improve. If you have suggestions for how we can make your next support ticket go more smoothly, let us know. If you have suggestions for how to improve our products to avoid support calls, we want to hear that too… Contact Us

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