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Payables Management for QuickBooks

QuickBooks is a powerful platform; however, it does have some limitations. Many people have come to realize that payables approval management is still stuck in the relative dark ages (at least in a largely paperless world.)  So what’s a business to do? Many invoices still come in paper format and don’t easily mesh with a paperless approval process. Fidesic AP is designed to take invoices from all sources, turn them paperless, acquire the necessary approvals and then import directly into QuickBooks.

Capture and Routing

Invoices received via email will be automatically processed and paper invoices can be submitted into a processing queue. If you’d like, we can capture all data on invoices. This will completely remove data entry from your daily todo list.

After we’ve captured invoices they will be automatically routed to the necessary approvers. These approvers can approve direct out of their inbox or on any device. 

Integration with QuickBooks

Once approved, Fidesic is able to import your approved invoices directly into QuickBooks. No need to manually enter transactions.

Vendor Payments

Fidesic also allows you to quickly and easily pay vendors by both ACH and paper check. If you're looking to stop manually printing and mailing paper checks entirely, vendors can sign up for ACH through our vendor portal.

How do I get started?

Getting started with Fidesic has never been easier. We now offer a risk-free, 30 day trial of our system.  Simply click here and provide some basic info. You’ll be contacted shortly with setup information.

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