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How Safe are ACH Payments?

3 Ways to make ACH payments safe for payer and vendor

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How safe are ACH payments? According to data from NACHA fewer than 0.03% of ACH transactions are returned as unauthorized. That is a high level of safety by any standard, but let's unpack hos secure ACH is.

Why Electronic Payments in AP is on the Rise

Trends and reasons driving adoption of electronic payments in AP

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While more than 80% of accounting departments continue to use paper checks as a primary method for paying vendors, they are only the seventh most preferred method among accounts payable pros. In this post we look at some trends and reasons driving adoption of electronic payments in AP. Electronic payments are the preferred method of payment for AP departments

Waive Setup Fees Fidesic for Microsoft Dynamics GP

Zero Setup Fees and Zero Per User Fees for the First 2 Months

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To help you serve your clients, we are temporarily offering all our solutions with zero setup fees and zero per user fees for the first 2 months to new customers. We are prioritizing setting up companies quickly, and have staff on hand ready to help get them up and running as quickly as possible.

How does Direct ACH Transmission work?

How to avoid manual ACH file Uploads to your Banking Portal

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Odds are you have probably heard of ACH, but not all ACH services are equal and there is a big distinction between direct and indirect. For accounting decision makers, the ability to pay vendors directly through direct ACH services is a competitive advantage for accounts payables. So, let’s take a look at how direct ACH Transmission works…


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