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Demo Options


Instant Demo:

​View either our accounts receivable or accounts payable instant demo videos at your convenience. Simply fill out the provided form with the information you would like to receive and our team will send one of our on-demand demo videos right to your email. No need for scheduling a formal meeting to learn why Fidesic is the go-to automation solution for Dynamics GP. 


Formal Demo:

Fill out the provided form regarding what type of information you would like to receive. Afterwards, one of our team members will reach out shortly to discuss scheduling a customized demo based off your business needs and requests. 


Live Demo:

Every Thursday at 2pm EDT, our team hosts a live demo to provide those interested in automating their accounts payable easy access to view our solution. Learn how to completely eliminate manual data entry and centralize your approval process with a high-visibility and easy-to-use solution built for Dynamics GP.

In our live demos, we will provide viewers a brief intro to our product and open it up to questions from the audience - answering your most important questions and concerns when it comes to accounts payable automation.


5 Minute Discovery Call:

Rather than scheduling a formal demo, you can request a 5 Minute Discovery Call with one of our AP automation experts. This brief introduction is great for those who want to learn more about our product withour scheduling a formal demo.

In a 5 minute discovery call, you will have the opportnity to discuss any questions about automation and whether Fidesic would be something worthwhile for your business while wasting as little of your valuable time as possible. 






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Seamless Integration with Dynamics GP


Fidesic provides a seamless integration with Dynamics GP to save your accounts payable team valuable time and money. We want to ensure you get the most out of Dynamics GP with our value-adding, modernized solution. By streamlining your AP processing with Fidesic, you can automate non-value adding tasks and focus on strategic decision making.

Additionally, Fidesic provides self-guided onboarding so you and your accounts payable team can automate within hours! No need for tedious, time-consuming meetings with a support team just to get up-and-running.

Our team is simply a click away whenever you have a question or concern!






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