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Not all invoice OCR (Optical character recognition) systems are created equal.

Fidesic's optical character recognition software is superior to other invoice OCR on the market with our two-phase verification. If you’re in the market for reducing your data entry, Fidesic AP can help in a way that no other OCR system can: Accurate, reliable, data capture on real world AP invoices. Fidesic OCR can capture 96% of invoices submitted to it accurately - you'll be able to count on the data captured.



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Software-Based Data Capture

First, optical character recognition software will capture all neccessary data. 


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Human Verification

After we've run it through our software, our staff will patch any remaining holes in the data to ensure you receive the most accurate data.


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Coding and Routing

After capturing the data we're also able to apply codes and terms exactly as you have them defaulted in your ERP system.




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Seamless Integration with Dynamics GP


Fidesic provides a seamless integration with Dynamics GP to save your accounts payable team valuable time and money. We want to ensure you get the most out of Dynamics GP with our value-adding, modernized solution. By streamlining your AP processing with Fidesic, you can automate non-value adding tasks and focus on strategic decision making.

Additionally, Fidesic provides self-guided onboarding so you and your accounts payable team can automate within hours! No need for tedious, time-consuming meetings with a support team just to get up-and-running.

Our team is simply a click away whenever you have a question or concern!


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We Know Your ERP Data

Most OCR will try to blindly read vendor names, terms, and coding without any reference. Fidesic OCR will compare these items against you accounting database. A missed letter no longer means a failed transaction.


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Software & Data Entry

With nearly all OCR systems missed software inputs will be pushed to your staff to correct. With Fidesic OCR we’ll manually correct any missed fields from our software based OCR system.


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Multi-Location Support

Fidesic includes both email address-based capture and ship-to address based capture so your invoices always sync with the right account.



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Easy to Get Started

No need to mess with templates or manage the capture directly, this is all handled by Fidesic.


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Confirm Before You Send

Users can push scanned invoices directly into a workflow for approval, or send invoices to a confirmation page.


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Improvement Over Time

Our smart OCR for AP solution remembers your most common invoices so the more your use it, the smarter it gets. This way, fewer mistakes are made and invoices are processed that much more quickly and cost-effectively.








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