Send Invoices to Fidesic

Fidesic gives you options for processing your invoices. You can enter directly or send them to us for processing. Vendors can also submit invoices directly through our portal, over email or by using EDI.

Approve and Import to your Accounting System

Invoices will route automatically to the correct approver, where they can approve from any location or device. After invoices are fully approved they integrate directly with your ERP system.

Pay Right Out of Your Accounting System

Pick which invoices you would like to pay as you would normally, then send them to Fidesic for processing. There is a powerful approver process for payments. Checks and ACH payments will be sent out automatically.

Using one of these accounting systems?

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Fidesic AP Overview

Accounts Payable for Fidesic is the best way to manage your entire Accounts Payable approval process with our web-based approval workflow system. Monitor status, create reports, and approve and manage invoices across multiple locations or facilities from anywhere with an internet connection.

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Robust Workflow

Our workflow system is designed around businesses rules. You can route based on vendor, GL, amount, or any other item contained on the invoice. There is no limit to stages or number of approvers.


Mobile-Device Approval

Remote invoice approval can be done using any device (mobile phone, smart phone, computer, or tablet). You can even approve invoices right out of Outlook (or any other email client) without having to leave your inbox.

Industry Leading Data Capture

Our OCR is better than most. That's because we combine software and Human Entry to make our OCR something you can rely on to get your important invoice data as accurate as possible.

Multi-Location Support

Fidesic has native multi-location support built into it's capture and workflow. Invoices will be automatically routed to the designated location approvers and GL coding.


Tight ERP Integration

You won't have to worry about any data entry once you start using Fidesic. Approved invoices in our portal are directly compatible with your ERP system.

Send ACH and Paper Checks

Simply pick which invoices you want to pay. We'll help you out with approval and take care of fulfillment.


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