Pay Your Business Vendors by ACH or Paper Check with Web Approval

The Fidesic Vendor Payments system allows businesses to process both ACH and Paper Checks directly out of your accounting system. Check signers will have access to web based approval and authorization. We'll process both ACH and Paper checks automatically so you don't have to.

Works with your accounting software:

Pick What You Want to Pay

Fidesic lets you pick what you want to pay directly in your ERP system. Submitting them for approval and processing is just a click away.

Approve Payments Anytime, Anywhere

Payment approvers and check signers will have access to all relevent documents and info as they make their approval. They can approve without being on site at all.

Payment Processing Made Easy

For ACH payments, we'll automatically deliver the file to your bank for processing. We'll also attache the signature of the approver to the check file (which either can be printed by us, or locally by you).

Fidesic AP Overview

Fidesic is the best way to manage your entire vendor payment process with our web-based approval workflow system. Monitor status, create reports, and approve payments from anywhere with an internet connection.

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Robust Workflow

Our workflow system is designed around businesses rules. You can route based on vendor, GL, amount, or any other item. There is no limit to stages or number of approvers.


Mobile-Device Approval

Remote payment approval can be done using any device. You can even approve payments right out of Outlook (or any other email client) without having to leave your inbox.

No Delayed ACH Processing

Our ACH processing is designed work for businesses. We'll simply generate a file on your behalf, then upload it directly to your bank for the cheapest and quickest possible processing.

Powerful Vendor Portal

Vendors will have access to our Vendor Account Center for account review. They can check on payment status, what invoices are being paid, and when then can expect payment.


Tight ERP Integration

You won't have to worry about clunky integrations once you start using Fidesic. Payments will be sent directly from QB or GP into our system for approval and processing.

Outsourced Paper Check Fulfillment

After web based approval, we'll affix the signature of the approver to the check file. It's up to you if you want us to print and mail, or if you'd like to keep that process in house.


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