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Automation for CFOs and Financial Leaders


With a robust accounting automation solution, CFOs can replace time-consuming, under-valued and backward-facing tasks, and spend more time guiding highly valued and forward-facing processes for their business.

With Fidesic, you can create more value for your organization through predictive analytics, performance management and forecasting. CFOs who adopt a mantra of better, faster, smarter accounting will have the opportunity to scale their business operations and drive strategic decision making.

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Accounting automation for CFos




CFOs and controllers can increase their workflow efficiency with Fidesic's AP automation solution

Is Your Staff Wasting time on Manual Tasks?

With our easy-to-use solution and automatic invoice capture, accounts payable staff can focus on more impactful tasks rather than data entry. Your department will be able to save countless hours of manual tasks such as envelope stuffing and mailing. By automating your AP, you can reduce invoice processing time by as much as 80%. 

accounting automation for financial leaders

Lack of Start-to-Finish AP Visibility?

Fidesic provides high level view of AP accounting with drill-down capabilities across locations and vendors, all from one solution. You will have the ability to keep track of your entire AP process in a single, centralized interface. Additionally, you will have centralized control across locations and entities. 


Reduce accounts payable risk with dynamics gp ap automation from Fidesic.

Worried About Errors and Increased Risk?

Automation reduces, and eliminates, the risks and errors associated with manual processing. For example, the common mistake of duplicate invoices and payments. When you no longer have to be concerned with such errors or fixing these mistakes, your department can increase it's invoice processing time and focus on big-picture department goals.





accounting automation for dynamics gp

dynamics gp accounts payable automation integration

fidesic dynamics gp ap automation


Seamless Integration with Dynamics GP


Fidesic provides a seamless integration with Dynamics GP to save your accounts payable team valuable time and money. We want to ensure you get the most out of Dynamics GP with our value-adding, modernized solution. By streamlining your AP processing with Fidesic, you can automate non-value adding tasks and focus on strategic decision making.

Additionally, Fidesic provides self-guided onboarding so you and your accounts payable team can automate within hours! No need for tedious, time-consuming meetings with a support team just to get up-and-running.

Our team is simply a click away whenever you have a question or concern!


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AP automation for CFOs

Robust Workflow

You can route based on vendor, Entity, Location, GL, amount, or any other item contained on the invoice.

accounts payable for financial leaders

Remote Approval

Remote invoice approval can be done using any device. Approve invoices right out of outlook or any other email!

AP invoice processing for CFOs

Automatic Data Capture

With the combination of OCR and Human Entry, you can rely on our system to ensure you receive the most accurate invoice data. 

dynamics gp accounts payable automation for CFOs

Mutli-Location Support

Users can only see the invoices and GLs for their assigned entity.

accounts payable integration for dynamics gp

Seamless ERP Integration

Approved invoices in our portal are directly compatible with Dynamics GP ERP system.

pay invoices via ach automatically

Pay via ACH or Paper Check

Simply pick which invoices you want to pay. We'll help you out with approval and take care of fulfillment.






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