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View and Manage your AP process from start to finish

Our AP Portal gives you complete visibility into your AP process from start to finish. You'll save time and money as your current staff can operate more efficiently. You won't have to continually add accounting staff as your company grows.

Works with your accounting software:


Save Time On Entry

Fidesic captures all invoice data autmatically. You can enter directly or send them to us for processing. Vendors can also submit invoices directly through our portal, over email or by using EDI.


Approve and Import to your Accounting System

Your staff can approve invoices from any device. You'll be able to see exactly where invoices are, and escalate as necessary. PDFs will always be on hand throughout the process.


Avoid Late Fees

With automatic capture, automatic routing, and approvals that can't be delayed by users being "out of office" you will be able to pay invoices faster than you ever thought possible and capture invoice discounts.

Fidesic AP Overview.

Fidesic AP can automate your entire payables process from invoice capture to payment. By automating payables, you can reduce the amount of time spent managing the process, as well as cut costs.

Accounts Payable for Fidesic is the best way to manage your entire Accounts Payable approval process with our web-based approval workflow system. Monitor status, create reports, and approve invoices from anywhere with an internet connection.

Robust Workflow

Our workflow system is designed around businesses rules. Invoices will be routed automatically by rules you create. You'll be able to see it from start to finish.


Mobile-Device Approval

Remote invoice approval can be done using any device (mobile phone, smart phone, computer, or tablet). You can even approve invoices right out of outlook (or any other email client).

Industry Leading Data Capture

Our OCR is better than most. That means your staff will not have to spend time on manual entry and can spend time on more important things.

Automatic Notifications

Users will receive approval notifications and reminders automatically. You will be notified anytime something gets voided or paid.


Tight ERP Integration

You won't have to worry about any data entry once you start using Fidesic. Approved invoices in our portal are directly compatible with your ERP system.

Send ACH & Paper Checks

You will be able to see and approve all payments through a single portal, and have access to the original invoice while you're making your approval.


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