Fidesic AP For Healthcare Companies

Fidesic AP was built with the very specific demands of healthcare companies in mind. Being able to approve over multiple locations, fetch multiple layers of approval and being able to do so in a paperless way with maximum security can be very challenging for organizations to deal with. We can give you all these functions without the need of developing a custom solution.

Benefits of Fidesic AP for Healthcare

  • Automatically route invoices to to the correct approver
  • Increased transparency in the approval process
  • Reduced staff data entry
  • Pay your vendors by ACH right out of our Accounting System

Approval Portal Features

  • Automatic Data Capture on Invoices
  • PDF storage and retrieval in a secure portal
  • Automatic Integration into your Accounting Package

Fidesic Allows You To

  • See your approval process end-to-end
  • Store all Invoice PDFs in a secure, easy to access portal
  • Provide access to all approvals and documents to auditors
  • Pay by ACH or Paper Check through an electronic approval process

A One-Stop Portal For Managing your Accounts Payable Process

Fidesic was built to maximize productivity without sacrificing the tight security requirements of a healthcare organization.

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