Accounts Payable Automation for AP Accountants

Accounts Payable Automation for
AP Accountants

Avoid the end-of-the-month crunch with a centralized and simplified Accounts Payable Automation system.


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Automatic accounts payable data entry - no manual entry required. Save you and your business valuable time and money

Say Goodbye to Manual Data Entry

No more wasted time focusing on tedious, manual entry. Get back to more important matters. 


Have complete visibility and control over your accounts payable workflow

Remove Complicated AP Processing

Pay invoices faster and easier. No need for phyiscal signature approvals or paper processing. 



Avoid the end of the month crunch with Fidesic's AP automation software

Simplify Month-end

View where invoices are in the approval process to simplify month-end reporting. Have complete visibility and control into your entire accounts payable process. 











Integrates with your accounting software:





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AP Automation designed to enhance your workflow

Robust Workflow

You can route based on vendor, Entity, Location, GL, amount, or any other item contained on the invoice.

Anywhere Approval

Remote invoice approval can be done using any device. Approve invoices right out of outlook or any other email!

Secure Data Capture

With the combination of OCR and Human Entry, you can rely on our system to ensure you receive the most accurate invoice data.

Mutli-Location Support

Users can only see the invoices and GLs for their assigned entity.

Seamless ERP Integration

Approved invoices in our portal are directly compatible with your ERP system.

Pay via ACH or Paper Check

Simply pick which invoices you want to pay. We'll help you out with approval and take care of fulfillment.






The Three-Step Process


Easily pick what vendors you want to pay with Fidesic's AP Automation


Pick what you want to pay directly in your ERP system, or you can pay directly from Fidesic.


Approvers can approve invoices from anywhere, at anytime.


Payment approvers and check signers will have access to all necessary documents and information as they make their approval - from anywhere, at anytime.


Pay suppliers and vendors via ACH or Paper Check with Fidesic.


We'll securely delivery ACH payments to your bank directly and attach the approvers signature to paper checks.




AP Accountants

Avoid the end-of-the-month crunch with an AP Automation system that consoldates and improves reporting effieincy. Have anywhere, anytime access to your invoice status with our workflow.



As a controller, your key goal is delivering value to the organization and stakeholders in the form of reporting, strategy and planning, risk management and streamlining accounting operations. If you are being bogged down by SMB solutions that are being stretched beyond their intended use, you have less time to focus on the work that matters most. 



Our AP Portal gives you complete visibility into your AP process from start to finish. You'll save time and money as your current staff can operate more efficiently. As your business grows, won't have to continually add accounting staff.






Fidesic provides users with in-house support, a user friendly interface & product and expertise in Dynamics GP and specialized in multi location, decentralized accounts payable automation

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Benefits of accounts payable automation for dynamics gp

Benefits of AP Automation for Dynamics GP






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Renae B.

April 28, 2020
I have enjoyed FIDESIC and all tech support. They really try their best to be efficient and helpful and in my opinion they go over and beyond in doing so. Its much appreciated!!
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Sarah S.

Jan 29, 2021
Fidesic's OCR is some of the best that I have seen. If there is an issue with anything, they are very quick to respond and resolve. They always listen to our needs and are generally able to adjust the system to meet those needs.
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Tierney W.

June 12, 2020
It helps us better track and lock down expenses for our company. We use it for both external A/P and internal reimbursements.
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June 12, 2020
It is very easy to us. Product is user friendly
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User in Health, Wellness and Fitness

Jan 29, 2021
Being able to see all my invoices that are pending payment, paid, and voided. I was able to find $5k of invoices that were not our offices and recoup the funds!
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Jennifer N.

May 5, 2020
I have used the software for over 5 years and the ease of use is what keeps my team happy. The enhanced features are useful and training new employees on the software is very simple.






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