Revenue Sharing

Add a continuous revenue stream for new or existing clients. We believe in equitable relationships with our partners.





Marketing Collaboration

We work with your marketing department to figure out how to work best together. We’re happy to do partnership webinars or direct client demos.





Make Your Product Offering Unique in the Market

Fidesic enhances your value proposition to your customers. Offer them something that other resellers cannot.





Take Advantage of Our Solution to Ease Your Workload

Fidesic is Free for our Partners to use. We want you to see the benefits first hand.





We Focus on You (and your clients)

We prioritize customer experience and ensure that your client’s needs are being met.

[Fidesic] seamlessly extend GP functionality for common manual processes, to their hosted solution; adding well thought out and comprehensive automation.

Steve Chapman

Solutions Consultant
Rose Business Solutions

Our Current Partners

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