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Fidesic AP has the Features and Functions Bill.com Doesn't

If you're currently using bill.com you'll already know many of its limitations. Many of the features are rigid, and cannot be customized to your business needs. Fidesic AP is a full service AP solution with the flexibility to work with how you do business.

Powerful Data Capture

Fidesic has best in class data capture. Our system can capture all base data, location information, and automatically code your invoices.

Tight ERP Integration

Fidesic provides a complete integration into Dynamics GP and QuickBooks. No flat files, No half thought out imports.

Dedicated Support

We do not outsource our support function. If you need help you'll be able to call your support agent, and they will have the knowledge to fix your problem.

Fidesic AP Overview.

Fidesic AP can automate your entire payables process from invoice capture to payment. By automating payables, you can reduce the amount of time spent managing the process, as well as cut costs.

AP for Fidesic is designed to be flexible to work with your business. We have the ability to customize our site extensively to meet your needs. If you feel like you've outgrown bill.com, Fidesic AP is the solution you've been looking for.

Customizable Reports

Fidesic allows you to generate the exact report you need. We can fully customize any report to meet your needs.

Direct Dynamics GP Integration

Our GP module is written in dexterity (just like GP itself) which means our integration is the best on the market. We've designed the system to work with your GP processes, not against them.

Industry Leading Data Capture

Our OCR is better than most. That's because we combine software and Human Entry to make our OCR something you can rely on to get your important invoice data as accurate as possible.

Open API

Do you need an enterprise level solution where you can control your data? Look no further. Fidesic has an open API that allows you to access your data however you need.  

Hands on Support

Our support staff is local, well trained, and ready to help. No phone centers, no outsourced support. You'll have a rep that knows your name and business to rely on.


Have a request that bill.com can't handle? Our solution has developers on hand and has been designed in a way that makes customization easy.

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