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Accounts Payable FAQ


How is Fidesic Data Secured?
Is support included?
How does your Data Capture (OCR) work?
Do you provide backups of our data?
Is Fidesic a replacement to my accounting system?
What software components do I have to install?
Do I need a server to host the system?
How long does implementation take?
How much training is needed?
How can vendors submit invoices?
Does the vendor have access to the status of an outstanding invoice?
Do you provide fulfillment of paper invoices and checks?
What are the costs involved in using Fidesic?


Accounts Receivable FAQ



How long does implementation take?
We also bill our franchisees for our services, can they pay those using Fidesic?
How does your OCR work with multiple locations?
What are the requirements on my customers end? Do they need to be on Fidesic? Will they be charged?
When my customers pay online, how do I post the payments into my accounting system?
Will I be able to continue receiving payments off-line through paper check?
Some of my customers require that I send their invoices electronically in a certain format, can Fidesic help?
We have different regional managers, can the Fidesic workflow accommodate that?
Do I need to sign-up with a new credit card merchant to receive payment with Enliven’s Fidesic?
Do I need to sign-up with a new bank to receive payments with Eniven’s Fidesic?
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