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Accounts Receivable Automation for Franchises


Collect Royalties with Dynamics GP


Fidesic for franchise organizations is designed to make your business run smoother, keep your franchisees happy, and let your company grow without expanding your accounting department.

Invoicing, sending statements, and accepting payments are all handled through a single portal allowing greater visibility into your current AR status.

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Accounts receivable automation for franchises




accounts receivable software integration dynamics gp

Seamless ERP Integration

Invoice all your franchisees quickly and electronically right out of Microsoft Dynamics GP

franchise accounts receivable software

Complete Visibility

Review all invoices and payments from your company in one centralized place.

Best accounts receivable data capture for franchises

Data Capture

Capture invoice data directly from your accounting system, accurately and securely

accounts receivable payment portal

Customized Customer Portal

Give your franchisees access to a web portal to keep track of all billing sorted by category and make payments easily.

accounts receivable ACH or credit card

Accept ACH or Credit Card Payments

Fidesic works with your current merchant provider. If you don't have one, we'll get you set up!

accounts receivable automatic charge

Auto Charge

Automatically collect payments by category (ie. Royalties and Marketing) and turbo charge your cash-flow.






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accounting automation for dynamics gp

dynamics gp accounts payable automation integration

fidesic dynamics gp ap automation


Seamless Integration with Dynamics GP


Fidesic provides a seamless integration with Dynamics GP to save your accounts payable team valuable time and money. We want to ensure you get the most out of Dynamics GP with our value-adding, modernized solution. By streamlining your AP processing with Fidesic, you can automate non-value adding tasks and focus on strategic decision making.

Additionally, Fidesic provides self-guided onboarding so you and your accounts payable team can automate within hours! No need for tedious, time-consuming meetings with a support team just to get up-and-running.

Our team is simply a click away whenever you have a question or concern!


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FAQ for Franchises


How long does implementation take?
We also bill our franchisees for our services, can they pay those using Fidesic?
How does your OCR work with multiple locations?
What are the requirements on my customers end? Do they need to be on Fidesic? Will they be charged?
When my customers pay online, how do I post the payments into my accounting system?
Will I be able to continue receiving payments off-line through paper check?
Some of my customers require that I send their invoices electronically in a certain format, can Fidesic help?
We have different regional managers, can the Fidesic workflow accommodate that?
Do I need to sign-up with a new credit card merchant to receive payment with Enliven’s Fidesic?
Do I need to sign-up with a new bank to receive payments with Eniven’s Fidesic?







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